Your privacy is important to us

Fleetbar's mission is to connect professionals from around the world to help them be more productive and more successful. At the heart of this mission is our commitment to be transparent about the data we collect about you, the way we use them and the people with whom we share them. This Privacy Policy applies to your use of our Services (described below). We offer our users various options for the data we collect, use and share, as indicated in this Privacy Policy, in the Cookie Policy, in the Settings section and in our Help Center. Watch the privacy policy video


1. What data we collect
2. How we use your data
3. How we share information
4. Your choices and your obligations
5. Other important information


We are a social network and an online platform for professionals. People use our Services to find or be found for business opportunities, and to connect with other people and information. Our Privacy Policy is valid for all Members or Visitors of our Services. Our registered users ("Members") share their professional identity, interact with their network, exchange knowledge and professional information, publish and view relevant content, learn about, and find, job and career opportunities. The contents and data on some of our Services can be viewed by non-members ("Visitors"). The term "designated countries" means the countries of the European Union (EU), the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.


This Privacy Policy, which includes our Cookie Policy, applies to your use of our Services. This Privacy Policy applies to and, Fleetbar applications and other sites, applications, communications and services related to Fleetbar ("Services"), including services external to the site, such as our services advertisements and plug-ins "Candidates with Fleetbar" and "Share with Fleetbar", but excluding services that claim to be offered under a different privacy policy.

Data processing managers and contracting parties

If you reside in the "designated countries": Fleetbar Italia will be responsible for processing your personal data provided to, or collected by or for, or processed in connection with our Services; is entering into a License Agreement with Fleetbar. If you live in a country other than the "designated countries": Fleetbar will be responsible for processing your personal data provided to, or collected from or for, or processed in connection with our Services; is entering into a license agreement with Fleetbar. As a Visitor or Member of our Services, the collection, use and sharing of your personal data is subject to this Privacy Policy (which includes our Cookie Policy and other documents referred to in this Privacy Policy) and related updates.


Changes to the privacy policy apply to your use of our services after the "effective date". LinkedIn ("we" or "us") may modify this Privacy Policy and, if we make substantial changes, we will inform you via our Services, or other means, to give you the opportunity to review the changes before they take effect. If you disapprove of the changes, you can close your account. You acknowledge that if, after the publication or notification of changes to this Privacy Policy, you continue to use our Services, the collection, use and sharing of your personal data will be subject to the Privacy Policy updated.

1. What data we collect

1.1 Data you provide to us
To create an account with us, you fill out the data form of your choice.

To create an account, you must provide certain information that includes your name, email address and / or mobile number and a password. If you register for a Premium Service, you will need to provide some information for payment (eg credit card) and billing. Proceed with creating your Fleetbar profile (a complete profile helps you get the most out of our Services).

Options are available for information on your profile, such as academic training, work experience, skills, photos, city or area and confirmations. Some Members may choose to complete a separate ProFinder profile. You don't necessarily have to provide additional information about your profile; however, the profile information allows us to make the best use of our Services, as well as to be found more easily by the personnel selection personnel and the management of job opportunities. You decide if you want to include sensitive information in your profile and make them public. Do not publish or add to your profile any personal data that you do not wish to make publicly available. It also provides us with other data, for example by synchronizing the address book or calendar.

Publishing and uploading
We collect your personal data when you provide, publish or upload them as part of our Services, for example when filling in a form (eg with demographic data or salary), respond to a survey or send a resume. If you choose to import your address book, we will receive your contacts (including the contact information that service providers or the application in use automatically added to your address book when communicating with addresses or phone numbers not yet on your list ). If you synchronize your contacts or calendars with our Services, we will collect your address book and information on scheduled meetings to continue to expand your network by suggesting links to you and others, and providing information on meetings, such as schedules, locations, participants and contacts. It is not necessary for you to publish or upload personal data; however, if it does not, it may limit your ability to expand and interact with your network using our Services.

1.2 Data from third parties
Other people can post or write something about you.

Content and news
You and other people can publish content that includes information about you (as part of articles, posts, comments and videos) in the context of our Services. Except in the event you refuse, we will collect public information about you, such as news and results related to your profession (eg granted patents, professional awards, conference speakers, projects, etc.), and will make them available as part of our Services (eg suggestions for your profile or notifications in the news). Other people can synchronize their contacts or calendars with our Services.

Information on contacts and calendars
When others import or synchronize their contacts or calendars with our Services, associate their contacts with Member profiles, or send messages using our Services (including invitations or connection requests), we receive personal data concerning you (including information) on contacts). If you or others choose to synchronize their email accounts with our Services, we will also collect information on "email headers" that we can associate with Members' profiles. Customers and partners can provide us with data.

When you use the services of our customers and partners, for example employers, potential or existing, and systems for identifying candidates who provide us with data on the applications, we receive your personal data. Related companies and other services We receive information about you when you use some of the other services provided by us or our affiliates, including Microsoft. For example, you may choose to send us information about your contacts in Microsoft apps and services, such as Outlook, to improve professional networking activities on our Services.

1.3 Use of the Services
We record your visits and use of our services, including mobile apps. When you visit or otherwise use our Services, including the sites, applications and technology of the platform (eg our external site plugins), as well as when you view or click on content (eg learning videos) or on advertising (on our sites and in our applications or outside of them), performs a search, installs or updates one of our mobile applications, shares articles or applies for a job, we record your usage data. We use logins, cookies, device information and IP addresses (Internet protocol) to identify you and record the operations you perform.

1.4 Cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies
We collect data through cookies and similar technologies. As described in more detail in our Cookie Policy, we use cookies and similar technologies (eg web beacons, pixels, advertising tag and device identifiers) to recognize you and / or your devices in the context, outside and through different Services and devices. We also allow some people to use cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. You can control cookies using your browser settings and other tools. You may also refuse our use of cookies and similar technologies that control your behavior on the site of others for third-party advertising.

1.5 Your device and your location
We receive data from your devices and networks, including location data. When you visit or leave our Services (including plugins, cookies or similar technologies on third-party sites), we receive the URL of the site from which it comes, and of what you are about to visit. We also obtain information on your IP address, on the proxy server, on the operating system, on the web browser and on additional components, on the identifier and on the features of the device and / or on the ISP or mobile telephony manager. If you use our Services from a mobile device, that device will send us data about your location based on your phone settings. Before using GPS technology or other tools to identify precise location data, we will request your consent.

1.6 Messages
If you communicate through our services, we'll know. When you send, receive or interact with messages related to our Services, we collect information about you. For example, if you receive a request for a Fleetbar connection, we will check if you have carried out any action in this regard and we will send you reminders. We also use an automatic message scanning technology.

1.7 Information provided by the workplace or school / university
When your employer or your school or university buys a Premium Service for you to use it, it provides us with information about you. When others purchase our Services for you to use, for example your employer or your school or university, they provide us with personal information about you and your ability to use the Services you have purchased for your employees, students or former students. For example, we will get contact information for "Company Pages" administrators and authorized users of our Premium Services, such as our personnel selection, sales or learning products.

1.8 Third-party sites and services
We obtain data when visiting sites that include our plugins, advertisements or cookies or when accessing third party services with a Fleetbar account. We receive information about your visits and about the interaction with third-party services when you access Fleetbar or visit third-party services that include our plugins (eg "Share via Fleetbar" or "Candidates with Fleetbar"), advertisements, or cookies similar technologies.

1.9 Other
We are improving our services, which means we will get new data and create new ways to use them. Our Services are dynamic, and we often introduce new features, which may require the collection of new information. If we collect substantially different personal data or greatly modify the way we use your data, we will inform you and may also modify this Privacy Policy.

2. How we use your data

We use your data to provide, support, customize and develop our Services. The way in which we use your personal data will depend on the Services you use, on the way in which you use these Services and on your choices in the settings. We use the data in our possession concerning you to provide and customize our Services (including advertisements), also with the help of automated systems and the conclusions we draw, in order to make them more relevant and useful for you and your others.

2.1 Services
Our Services help you keep in touch with others, find and report your availability for job offers and business opportunities, stay informed, take advantage of training and be more productive. We use your data to authorize access to our Services.

Stay in touch
Our Services allow you to stay in touch and updated with colleagues, partners, customers and other professional contacts. To do this, you will "connect" to the professionals you choose and who wish to "connect" with you. Depending on your settings, when you connect to other members, you can search through your links to exchange business opportunities. We will use your data (such as your profile, the profiles you have visited or the data provided through the loading of the sections and the integrations of the partners) to help others find your profile, suggest links to you and to others (eg Members who share your contacts or your work experience) and to allow you to invite other users to become Members and get in touch with you. You can also choose to allow us to use data relating to the precise location or proximity to third parties to perform certain operations (eg to suggest other members in the vicinity to whom you can connect, to calculate the journey to a new workplace, or to notify your connections that you are attending a professional event). You can choose to invite someone to our Services, send a request for connection or allow another Member to become your connection. When you invite someone to connect with you, the invitation will include your name, your photo, your network and your contact information. We will send invitation reminders to the person who invited you. You can choose whether or not to share your list of links with your links. Visitors can choose how we use their data.

Stay informed
Our Services allow you to always be informed about news, events and ideas regarding professional topics that interest you and come from professionals you appreciate. Our Services will also enable you to improve your professional skills or acquire new ones. We use the data in our possession that concern you (eg the data you provide, the data we collect from your interaction with our Services and the conclusions we draw from your data) to advise you on relevant content and conversations in our Services, to suggest you skills that could add to your profile and skills that could be useful to pursue your next opportunity. So, if you let us know that you are interested in a new skill (eg looking at a learning video), we will use this information to personalize the content in your feed, suggest you follow some members on our site or look at the content of learning that explains how to get this competence. We use your business and data, including photos, to provide notifications to your network and other users. For example, based on your settings, we can notify third parties that you have updated your profile, posted a blog, undertaken a social action, added new links or have been quoted in the news.

Our Services allow you to explore careers, evaluate training opportunities, search and be searched for career opportunities. Your profile can be found by those who intend to hire (for a specific job or assignment) or to be hired by you. We will use your data to advise on job or mentoring opportunities, report to you and others who work in a company, sector, function or location or who has certain connections and skills. You can tell us that you are interested in changing jobs and sharing information with staff selection personnel. We will use your data to suggest job offers to you and advise you on personnel selection. We can use automated systems to outline and provide advice to make our Services more relevant to our Members, Visitors and customers. If you keep your profile accurate and up to date, it will be easier to get in touch with other users and opportunities through our Services.

Our Services allow you to collaborate with colleagues, search for potential customers, partners and other parties with whom to establish business relationships. Our Services allow you to communicate with other Members and plan or prepare meetings with them. If your settings allow it, we perform a scan of messages to provide "bots" or similar tools that facilitate tasks such as scheduling meetings, preparing replies, summarizing messages or recommending the next steps.

2.2 Premium Services
Our Premium Services allow paying users to search and contact Members through our Services, such as search for and contact job candidates, potential customers and co-workers, manage talent and promote content via social media. We sell Premium Services that offer our customers and subscribers customized search features and tools (including messaging and activity alerts) as part of our talent, marketing and sales solutions. These subscribers can export information limited by your profile, such as the name, the header, the current company, the current qualification and the general location, in order to manage sales managers or talents, unless you refuse this option. We do not provide customer contact information as part of such Premium Services without your consent. A Premium Services customer can save information obtained about you in our Premium Services, such as a resume, contact information or historical sales data. The data provided about you by these customers is subject to their regulations.

2.3 Communications
We contact you and allow communications between Members. We offer settings that allow you to determine what types of messages you receive and how often. We will communicate with you via email, mobile phone, notices published on our website or on our applications, messages to your LinkedIn mailbox and other means available through our Services, including SMS and push notifications. We will send you messages regarding the availability of our Services, security or other problems relating to services. We will also send messages on how to use the Services, network updates, reminders, job suggestions and promotional messages from us and our partners. You can change your communication preferences at any time. Remember that you cannot refuse to receive service messages from us, including legal and safety notices. We also allow communications between you and other users through our Services, including for example invitations, InMail messages, groups and messages between links.

2.4 Advertising
We offer personalized advertisements both within our Services and elsewhere. You can refuse the display of personalized ads but not those of other advertisements. We direct (and measure the performance of) advertisements to Members, Visitors and third parties within and outside our Services directly or through a variety of partners, using the following data, individually or jointly: Data deriving from advertising technologies in our Services or elsewhere, such as web beacons, pixels, advertising tags, cookies and device identifiers; Information provided by Members (eg profile, contact information, qualification and sector); Data deriving from your use of our Services (eg historical data on searches, feeds, content read, those who follow or are following you, links, group participation, page visits, videos viewed, clicks on advertisements, etc.) including as described in Section 1.3; Information from advertising partners and publishers; Information deduced from the data described above (for example, using the qualifications of a profile to deduce sector, seniority and income bracket, graduation dates to deduce age, or names or pronouns to deduce sex). We will show you advertisements with sponsored content that is similar to non-sponsored content, except that they are labeled as "advertisements" or "sponsored". If you perform an action (such as advise, comment or share) on these advertisements, this action will be associated with your name and viewable by third parties, including the advertiser. Based on your settings, if you take a social action on Fleetbar Services, this action can be mentioned with related advertisements.

Ad Options
We adhere to self-regulation principles for interest-based advertising and participate in the industry's waiver options for such advertising. This does not imply your refusal to receive advertising; will continue to receive other advertisements from advertisers not listed with these self-regulatory tools. You may also specifically refuse our use of certain categories of data to show you more relevant ads.

Information for advertising providers
We do not share your personal data with any third party advertiser or with any advertising network for advertising purposes, except: (i) for IP addresses (to the extent that this is personal data in some countries); (ii) with your specific consent (eg form for generating leads) or (iii) for data already visible to users of the Services (eg profile). However, if you view or click on an advertisement inside or outside our site or our apps, the provider of the ad will receive a signal that a user has visited the ad page and can use mechanisms such as cookies to determine their identity. The advertising partners can associate the personal data collected by the advertiser directly from you with our cookies and similar technologies. In these cases, we try to contractually request that these advertising partners obtain your explicit consent before proceeding in this direction.

2.5 Marketing
We promote the services we offer to you and third parties. We use data and content about Members for invitations and communications that promote membership and network growth, involvement and our Services.

2.6 Development of services and research
We develop our services and conduct research.

Service Development
We use the data, including public feedback, to conduct research and development activities to further develop our Services in order to provide you and third parties with a better, more intuitive and personalized experience, to increase enrollment and involvement in our Services and help professionals connect with other professionals and economic opportunities.

Other research
We seek to create economic opportunities for members of the global workforce and to help them be more productive and successful. We use the personal data available to us to examine trends in the social, economic and employment fields, such as the availability of positions and the skills required for such positions, and policies that help reduce discrepancies in various sectors and geographical areas. In some cases, to perform these searches we work with reliable third parties, subject to the controls implemented to protect your privacy. We publish or allow third parties to publish economic information, presented as aggregated data rather than as personal data.

Voting and surveys are conducted by us and by third parties through our Services. You are not obliged to answer polls and polls, and you can choose what information you provide to us. You can disable survey invitations.

2.7 Customer support
We use data to help you solve problems. We use the data (which may include your communications) to investigate, respond and resolve complaints and problems related to the Services (eg bugs).

2.8 Aggregate information
We use the data to generate aggregated information. We use your data to produce and share aggregated information that does not identify you. For example, we can use your data to generate statistics about our members, their profession or their sector, to calculate the views of the advertisements presented or clicked on, or to publish the demographic data of visitors to a Service or demographic information on the workforce.

2.9 Security and investigations
We use the data for security, fraud prevention and investigation purposes. We use your data (including your communications) if we think it is necessary for security purposes or to investigate possible frauds or other violations of our License Agreement or this Privacy Policy and / or attempts to harm our Members and Visitors.

3. How we share information

3.1 Our Services
Any data included in your profile and any published content or social action (eg advice, follow-up, comments, sharing) undertaken in our Services will be viewed by third parties.

Your profile is fully visible to all Members and customers of our Services. Depending on your settings, it may also be visible to third parties within or outside our Services (eg, Visitors to our Services or to third-party search engine users). As specified in our Help Center, your settings, the degree of connection with the Member that displays the profile, the subscriptions that the Member can use and his use of our Services, the access channels and the types of searches (eg by name or keyword) affect the availability of your profile and the ability to view certain fields in your profile. Publications, advice, follow-up, comments, messages Our Services allow you to view and share information also by posting, adding advice, following other users and commenting on content. When publicly sharing an article or a post (eg an update, an image, a video or an article), it can be viewed by everyone and shared again anywhere (based on your settings). Members, Visitors and other people will be able to find and view your publicly shared content, including your name (and the photo provided one). In a group, posts are visible to other group members. Your membership in the groups is public and is part of your profile, but you can change the visibility in the settings. Any information you share through the pages of companies or other organizations in our Services can be viewed by these entities and by others who visit those pages. When it follows a person or organization, it is visible to other users and to the "page owner" as a follower. We let senders know when they perform an action on their message, subject to the settings where applicable. In accordance with your settings, we send a notification to our Members when you visit their profile. When you recommend, share or comment on the content (including advertisements), others will be able to see these "social actions" and associate them with you (eg your name, profile and photo, if you have provided one ). Your employer may know how you use the Services provided to you for your work (eg as a personnel or sales representative) and related information. We will not show your employer your job searches or your personal messages.

Business accounts
Your employer can offer you access to our business services or our advertising campaign management. Your employer can review and manage your use of these business services. Depending on the Company Service, before you use it, we will ask for your consent to share the relevant data arising from your profile or your use of our non-business Services. We recognize that certain activities, such as job search and personal messages, involve sensitive information, therefore we will not share them with your employer unless you choose to share them through our Services (for example, applying for a new one position in the same company or mentioning your job search in a message to a colleague via our Services).

3.2 Storage of communications
Regulated Members may need to save communications outside of our Services. Some Members (or their employers) need, for the purposes of legal or professional compliance, to archive their communications and their activity on social media and we will use third-party services to provide such archiving services. We allow the archiving of messages from external members to our services. For example, a financial advisor must file communications with clients through our Services in order to maintain his license as a professional financial advisor.

3.3 Other services
You can link your account to third-party services so that they can search for profiles of your contacts, publish your shares on such platforms or initiate conversations with your links on those platforms. Extracts of your profile will appear in third-party services. In accordance with your settings, other services can search for your profile. When you agree to link your account to other services, personal data will be available to them. The sharing and use of these personal data will be described in, or linked to, a consent screen when deciding to link accounts. For example, you can link your Facebook account to share the content of our Services in these other services or your email service provider may offer you the option to upload your Fleetbar contacts to your service. You can disable the connection with these accounts. Based on your settings, excerpts from your profile will appear in third-party services (eg search engine results, mail and calendar applications that show the user a "mini" Fleetbar profile of the person they will meet or with whom they are exchanging messages, talent managers and lead managers). The "old" profile information will remain in those services until they update the data cache with the changes you have made to the profile.

3.4 Related services
We share your data in various services and entities affiliated with Fleetbar. We will share your personal data with our affiliates to provide and develop our services. We internally associate information between different Services covered by this Privacy Policy to make our Services more relevant and useful to you and others.

3.5 Service providers
We can use third parties to help us with our Services. We use third parties to help us provide our Services (eg maintenance, analysis, review, payments, fraud detection, marketing and development). These third parties will have access to your information to the extent reasonably necessary to perform these activities on our behalf and are obliged not to disclose or use them for other purposes.

3.6 Legal disclosures
We may share your personal data, if required by law or in order to protect your or our third party's rights or security. It is possible that there is a need on our part to disclose your personal information where required by law, by a subpoena or in legal proceedings, or if we believe, in good faith, that such disclosure is necessary in order to (1) investigate, prevent or take legal action in connection with illegal, actual or suspicious activities, or assist the judicial authority; (2) execute contracts between you and us, (3) investigate and defend yourself in relation to any claim or accusation by a third party, (4) protect the security or integrity of our Service (eg via sharing with other companies facing similar threats); or (5) exercise or protect the rights and security of LinkedIn, our Members, employees or others. We try to inform the Members about the legal requests for disclosure of their personal data when we consider it appropriate, unless this is prohibited by law or by a court ruling or when the request is an emergency. We can contest these requests when we believe, at our discretion, that these requests are excessive, vague and lacking in the necessary authority, but we do not promise to challenge every request. For more information, refer to our Data Request Guidelines and Transparency Report.

3.7 Changes in company control or sale
We may share your data when our business is sold to third parties but will continue to be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We may also share your personal data as part of a sale, a merger or a change in corporate control or in preparation for any such event. Any other entity that purchases us or a portion of our business will have the right to continue to use your data but only in the manner provided in this Privacy Policy, unless otherwise permitted by you.

4. Your choices and your obligations

4.1. Data retention
We keep your personal data until your account is opened. We will retain the personal data you provide as long as your account is active or, if necessary, to provide you with the Services. This includes the data that you or other people have provided us with and the data generated or deduced from your use of our Services. Even if you use our Services only to search for a new job once in a while, after a few years, we will keep your information and keep your profile open until you decide to close your account. In some cases we try to keep some information (eg visits to sites containing our "Share with Fleetbar" or "Candidate with Fleetbar" plugins without clicking on the plugin) in a depersonalised or aggregated way.

4.2 Access rights and control of your personal data
You can access or delete your personal data. You have several options available to decide how your data will be collected, used and shared. Various options are available for the collection, use and sharing of data, from the deletion or correction of data that it has included in the profile and the control of the visibility of your posts until the rejection of advertising and communications checks. We offer you settings to control and manage your personal data in our possession. Regarding the data in our possession concerning you:
- Delete the data: You can ask us to delete or delete all or almost all of your personal data (eg if you no longer need our Services).
- Modify or correct data: You can change some of your personal data through your account. It can also ask us for changes, updates and data corrections in certain areas, especially if they are not accurate.
- Not to approve, limit or restrict the use of data: You can ask us to stop using all or part of your personal data (eg if by law we do not have the right to continue using them) or to limit the use that you we do (eg if your personal data are incorrect or if their possession is not legal).
- Right to access and / or acquire your data: You can ask
- a copy of your personal data and a copy of the personal data you provided in machine language. Visitors can get more information on how to forward these requests. You can also contact us using the contact information below, and we will consider your request in accordance with applicable laws. Residents in designated countries may enjoy additional rights under the applicable legislation.

4.3 Closing the account
We keep some of your data even after your account is closed. If you choose to close your Fleetbar account, your personal data will generally not be more visible to third parties in our Services within 24 hours. Generally, we delete the closed account information within 30 days of its closure, except as indicated below. We keep your personal data even after closing your account if reasonably necessary to fulfill our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, maintain security, prevent fraud and abuse, enforce our License Agreement or satisfy your request to "not receive" further messages from us. We will retain the depersonalized information once your account has been closed. The information that you have shared with third parties (eg via Mail, updates or group posts) will remain visible after closing your account or deleting information from your profile or mailbox, and we do not check the data that other Members have copied from our Services. The contents, evaluations or revised contents of the Groups associated with closed accounts will have as source an unknown user. Your profile may continue to be displayed in third-party services (eg search engine results) until they update their cache.

5. Other important information

5.1. Safety
We monitor security breaches and try to prevent them. Please use the security features available in our Services. We implement security protections created to protect your data, such as HTTPS. We regularly monitor our systems to detect possible vulnerabilities and attacks. However, we cannot guarantee the security of all information you send us. There is no guarantee that such data is inaccessible or that it cannot be revealed, altered or destroyed due to the violation of one of our protections, of a physical, technical or managerial nature. For more information on the safe use of our Services, including two-factor authentication, please consult our Security Center.

5.2. Cross-border data transfers
We save and use your data outside of your country. We process data both inside and outside Italy and we rely on legal mechanisms to legally transfer data between countries. Countries in which we process data may have different laws, sometimes not as restrictive as those in force in your country.

5.3 - Legal bases for data processing
We have legal bases to collect, use and share your data. You have various options available regarding the use of your data on our part. At any time you can withdraw the consent you gave us through your settings. We will collect and process your personal data only if we have the legal basis to do so. The legal bases include consent (where you gave your consent), the contract (where the processing of data is necessary for the execution of a contract with you, for example, to provide you with the Fleetbar services you requested) and the "legitimate interests". To know more. When the processing of your personal data is subject to your consent, you have the right not to consent or withdraw your consent at any time; when the processing of your personal data is subject to legitimate interests, you have the right to object. To know more. If you have questions about the legal bases by which we collect and use your personal data, contact our Data Protection Officer.

5.4. Direct marketing and "do not monitor" signals
Our statements regarding direct marketing and "do not monitor" signals. We currently do not share any personal data with third parties for their direct marketing purposes without your consent. Find out more about this aspect and our response to the "do not monitor" signals.

5.5. Contact info
You can contact us or use other options to resolve any complaints. If you have any questions or complaints regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact Fleetbar online first. You can also contact us by regular mail. If your complaint has not been resolved after contacting us, you will have additional options available. Residents in designated countries may have the right to contact our Data Protection Officer at the address.